AILA: Practical fembot from Germany

We’re used to seeing all sorts of robots coming from Japan, but not this time. This new fembot comes from the Europe, or Germany to be precise. It might not look as attractive as Japanese robots but this robot is quite practical indeed.

Made in Germany in the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, or DFKI this fembot is named AILA. AILA is a practical robot and instead of making facial expressions she is designed for work. At the moment AILA is 170cm tall and she has 22 joints in her body, a 3D camera for tracking, two laser finders and six wheels for movement and RFID reader.

At the moment AILA can pick up and move small objects but her functionality will be improved in future. One thing which is amazing with her is that she can pick up, move and transport objects on her own. She is independent, and she doesn’t use any remote control. AILA uses laser range finders for orientation and in order to identify the objects AILA uses cameras installed in her head. But she is only working with objects that have RFID tags, and she scans the tags withRFID reader built in her hand. All the information about objects such as weight and similar are stored in RFID tags, so she uses them to find a proper way to deal with objects.

At the moment this fembot sounds amazing, but it is possible that it will replace humans in factories in near future.

[via CrunchGear]

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~ by `rey on April 26, 2010.

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