New bracelet cell phone from Samsung

For all tech freaks and cell phone fans that enjoy extreme sports Samsungs has a new cell phone. It’s still an early design but interesting thing about this cell phone is that actually a cell phone and a bracelet that you can actually wear while performing all kinds of activities. It’s designed for the people that tend to enjoy in extreme sports or that are always on the go.

With its fancy and future like design this cell phone from Samsung looks really amazing. Color combination give is that alien look, so it’s great for tech nerds and all the people that want to have attractive and unique bracelets. Having a cell phone with a bracelet is actually a good idea if you’re always on the move because you won’t have to worry if your phone accidentally falls from your pocket or if you leave it somewhere. You just need to get this great thing and hook it on your wrist and you’re good to go.

This device is really interesting because it’s slim and really attractive and surely it won’t produce any sweat on your wrists because it is designed to have constant airflow. We agree that it has amazing design, but what about its specifications? Well, Samsung didn’t reveal much because it’s still an early design but it is know that this cell phone bracelet will use OLED touchscreen, tactile keypad and flexible electronics that can follow all the thrill seekers out there.

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~ by `rey on April 25, 2010.

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