Girls Generation SNSD

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Recently these k-pop all girl group “Girls Generation” is trending on the web I stumbled upon these girls …

and caught my eye. I was like searching their names, profiles and found this blog 


Girls Generation


Girls Generation Profiles

Girls Generation Albums



Fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time, Xbox Kinect

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We knew that the Kinect has been a complete success. Since it was released last year, the motion control device for the Xbox 360 has been flying off of store shelves like crazy. Now it looks like the Kinect has set a new world record too.

In the first 60 days it was on sale, it sold an average of 133,333 units per day, for a total of 8 million units in those 2 months alone. And these figures were units that left the store and went home with customers. Not the shipments that were sent to retail stores. It’s amazing when you think about it. The Kinect beat the iPhone and iPad for the equivalent periods after launch. These numbers for the Kinect will be in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition book that will be available early next year.


Keep track of hacks ,Nintendo 3DS

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Japanese retailer Enterking has announced that it will not accept Nintendo 3DS gaming consoles that have been used with a hacked memory card for trade-in. So how will the retailer will know? Simple. Because the portable gaming console logs all activity, which can then be retrieved by those in the industry who know how. It is an attempt by Nintendo to deter pirates.

The most common card used is the R4 and some Japanese hackers can already install illegal DS ROMS but not games. Since the system keeps track of any and all hacks and has a Wi-Fi connection, it could also let Nintendo block pirated devices from accessing online services and games.


New HDD writing methods could boost platter densities by 5x

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Current hard disk drives have hit their limit: a few hundred GB per inch. Or have they? A combination of two unique writing methods could lead to new HDDs that will yield ten times as much data in the same space.

The process combines TAR (thermally-assisted recording) and BPR (bit-patterned recording) to pack bits of data like sardines without the HDD’s write head accidentally messing with surrounding bits. Initially, researchers expect densities of up to 1TB per inch with the new method. Eventually they think they can get densities as high as 10TB per inch.

Pretty amazing when you think back to just five years ago and compare it to what we can do now.


Toshiba at work on world’s lightest 13-inch notebook says rumor

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When it comes to ultraportable notebooks, the 13-inch segment is where many shoppers search for their perfect machines. The 13-inch ultraportable is a good compromise between power and usability for many consumers.

Toshiba is said to be working on a new notebook that is the lightest 13-inchnotebook in the world. Rumors peg the machine at under 1kg with a SSD for storage. The machine will also reportedly have a USB 3.0 dock and more.

The little rig will use Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 CPUS and have 4GB of RAM. The most interesting feature is that the machine will use SCiB battery tech. This battery can recharge to 90% capacity in only ten minutes.


Visa has plans for wireless payments via iPhone cases

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Visa is paving the way for iPhone owners to be able to make payments with their handset at special terminals. This wireless credit card payment system is the first of its kind in the world. It will involve a customized payment software called Visa payWave, which will come pre-installed on a memory card.

The iPhone itself lacks an external memory slot, so it will require you to buy a new iPhone case that is Apple-certified. This makes everyone richer, including the case manufacturer. Everyone except for you. Your money will be leaving with the case and with every transaction.


Google search gets a new look

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Google has decided to introduce a new look to their search results, making it even easier to search for and find exactly what you’re looking for. There’s some simple left-hand navigation the new Google look, but we’ll let the video tell you all about it.

I’ll just say that I happened upon the changes by accident last night and was quite pleased with what I found. In general, contextually relevant, left-hand navigation has been added to the page, while the overall look and feel has also undergone some slight changes.